Jul 27, 2004: Arabeyes Evolution Party 2004

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Jul 27, 2004: Arabeyes Evolution Party 2004

Arabeyes.org took a major evolutionary step on July 29, 2001 when it mutated to its current final form. We, the volunteers, workers, Arabic language lovers and linux enthusiasts, would all like to invite you to celebrate this momentous occasion.

This year's celebrations will be conducted under a "learn as you play" theme. We've invited a number of key developers, movers and shakers in the open source Arabic arena to hear them talk (a Question and Answer session to follow). So come join us celebrate Arabeyes' acomplishments and partake in this learning event.



Aug 25, 2004: Arabeyes ready for Donations

Arabeyes would like to announce that it is now ready to receive monetary donations via the Banking industry's ubiquitous Wire transfer. Arabeyes, through one of it 'core' members acting as a custodian, now has its own bank account dedicated to serve Arabeyes and its volunteers' needs.

As a grass-roots volunteer transparent project, Arabeyes fully believes in and advocate openness in all regards. As such, Arabeyes has long vowed to keep all its financial records and transactions (donations and expenditures) available for scrutiny.

For further details please inspect the Donation page.

We look forward to your continued support to better serve our volunteers and the community at-large.

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