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Why Donate to Arabeyes

By donating money to the Arabeyes Project you are contributing to the Open Source community in many ways. You are above all ensuring the survival of our Arabisation efforts and the ideals that go with it. Your small donations can help us:

  • Purchase better/new hardware
  • Purchase more bandwidth
  • Advertise/recruit new volunteers
  • Accelerate the realization of some of our projects
  • Pay for legal services
  • Pay for traveling expenses to attend conferences/seminars
  • ..and other costs endured for facilitating the project's development

Donation Remarks:

  • As a donor you will be entitled to have access to Arabeyes' donation and expenditure records, upon request.
  • Your privacy is paramount to us and as such it will be guarded and dealt with in the utmost of care.
  • Donations do not influence direction and commitment to the Open Source and Arab community.

How to Donate

If you are interested in helping this great cause, please send us mail to contact (at) arabeyes dot org and a reply with instructions will be forth-coming on how to proceed.

Financial Records

All of Arabeyes' financial transactions are available for public scrutiny.