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2003-08-25 05:39:01 by Anmar Oueja (anmar)


2004-02-19 19:58:43 by Anmar Oueja (anmar)



Priority Normal
State Done
Level Average
Assigned To

Anmar Oueja (anmar)

Due Date 2003-09-11
Description Project plan
Details TODO List : (Frozen by Sept 11, 2003)

1) Add GNOME Arabization files
2) Make GNOME the default windowing environment
3) Add OpenOffice 1.1 Arabic GUI files
4) Add some games with Arabic support (lots of fun)
5) Add related Arabeyes projects
6) Add Arabeyes artwork as default
7) Change all defaults to Arabic (as much as possible)
8) Add a small Arabic written guide on how to use Arabbix
9) Burn the CD
10) Test the CD

Phase II:

1) Try and distribute Arabbix in the Middle East
2) Create an Arabic-written guide on how to install Arabbix on Hard Disk
2) Try and work with KNOPPIX to merge some of the work done on their CVS or fork the entire code (TBD)

Phase III:

1) Further improve the CD
2) All any required features

This is the preliminary list. Future changes and modifications will be added.