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The best way to impress a non-linux user is to show them what Linux is all about and the fastest and least intrusive way to do that is via a so-called 'Live-CD'. Live-CD denotes the ability to run your Operating System and all your applications straight from the CD (there is no need to install anything). This project is tasked with bringing forth a fully Arabized Live-CD distribution.


Start date Sep 02, 2003
Maintainer Muhammad Alkarouri
Contributors أسامة خياط :: Nadim Shaikli :: Alaa Abd El Fatah
Status Inactive
Mailing list Develop
Version control






ID Due Date Priority State Assigned To Description


2003-09-11 Normal Done

Anmar Oueja

Project plan

Contribute by choosing an unassigned todo ("Assigned To"=None) or a shared todo ("Assigned To"=All).

History Log

(Jun 21, 2004)

Arabbix 0.9 Alpha1 is Available for download . This version is based on a much improved base with better hardware detection and functional Hard disk installers.

Check out here for more details

(Mar 22, 2004)

Guide to installing Arabbix 0.8 on your hard drive !!! Find it here Thanks to Jeff Coupe at Center for Innovative Communities

(Oct 11, 2003)

Arabbix-0.8 is released (changelog). This release will be ditributed at GITEX Dubai (Oct 19-23). Thanks to the Saudi Computer Society for their support and help.

(Oct 09, 2003)

Arabbix-0.6 (beta) is released (changelog). Please test and submit feedback to the general mailing-list.

(Oct 06, 2003)

Arabbix-0.5 (beta) is released. All are encouraged to test and submit feeback on Arabeyes' general mailing-list.

(Sep 30, 2003)

Arabbix-0.4 (beta) is released. This is a dramatic change from the prior 0.1 release.

(Sep 12, 2003)

Anmar publishes the latest TODO for Arabbix, find it here.

(Sep 07, 2003)

Ahmad Twaijry uploads a Knoppix image with Arabic localized files to show his support for this project (it was tagged as version Arabbix-0.1).

(Sep 04, 2003)

Anmar Oueja initiates the project with this todo posting.