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Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources.

How to translate?

  • Checkout the files:
With commit access:
svn co https://username@svn.arabeyes.org/svn/translate/wdmanagers/xfce/ xfce

Without commit access:

svn co https://svn.arabeyes.org/svn/translate/wdmanagers/xfce/ xfce
  • Choose a file and translate it:

if you have commit access, just commit your changes (svn commit). if you don't have commit access, you will need to make a patch (make sure you do "svn up" before making the patch so that your patch is up-to-date). make a patch:

svn diff > translation.patch
then send the patch to mohamedmk@gmail.com.


Translation status:


total      3938 
translated 1059 26.89 %


total      4166
translated 1557 37.37 %
untranslated 2368 62.63 %



  • Saleh Alhathal was working on Xfce translation but he is currently inactive. [1]
  • Translation on Arabeyes started on January 24 2007(24/1/2007) after syncing the CVS with the upstream SVN.
  • Repositories synced again 15/9/2007

Translation priorities

in a descending order:

  1. xfwm4 : Khaled Hosny (Done)
  2. xfdesktop : (Done)
  3. xfce4-panel :Ahmed Mansour (Done)
  4. xfce4-session :Ahmed Mansour (Done)
  5. xfce-mcs-manager:Ahmed Mansour (Done)
  6. xfcs-mcs-plugins
  7. libexo
  8. libxfcegui4 :
  9. libxfce4utils :
  10. thunar :
  11. xfce-utils
  12. terminal : Khaled Hosny (done)
  13. xfprint : Ahmad Farghal(aka Farghal) (Done)
  14. xfcalendar :
  15. xfce4-mixer :
  16. mousepad:(Done)
  17. xfmedia :
  18. xfce4-appfinder : (Done)
  19. xfce4-trigger-launcher
  20. xfce4-icon-theme: (Done)
  21. squeeze
  22. xarchiver
  23. xfburn



  • We are using إكسفس as a transliteration of "Xfce". there is no right or wrong.. we are all using it for the sake of consistency.
  • Always check your translation and make sure it compiles correctly (poEdit is very good, use it).
  • The official website for the translation of Xfce.