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The current Arabeyes website needs to be redone in order to support arabic we are going to use Drupal for the new site. We want to reuse the maximum of modules (eventually adapting them) before writing our own.

The current website is constituted from these files:

about.php     docs.php     language.php      press.php       todos.php
[[ACE's|ACE]]       donate.php   logout.php        project.php     user.php
addtodo.php   finance.php  mailinglists.php  proj_trans.php  viewtodo.php
admin.php     help.php     miniblurb.php     register.php    vote.php
arabeyes.php  history.php  news.php          resources.php
benefits.php  index.php    nominate.php      rss.php
contact.php   join.php     people.php        thankyou.php

about, docs, press, ace, donate, help, proj_trans, history, resources, benefits, contact, join and thankyou can be static pages.

language , logout, user, admin, register and rss functionality is (sort of) present in drupal core.

The rest (todos, project, mailinglists, vote) and any new features will be dicussed below.

CVS, Art, Wiki, Bugs, Planet, QaMoose aren't integrated in the website. it would be good to integrate them.

Update: 7-August-2008

The new website team has now two separate pages for serving the revamping process:

for the experimental prototype phase of the new website project

for the final phase of the new website project

Mfarag 00:15، 7 أغسطس 2008 (UTC)



Drupal projects management may be extended to provide translations. --عبد الرحيم 13:46, 27 أغسطس 2007 (PDT)

Translation Projects

Developement Projects

Mailing lists

Arabeyes' mailing lists are using Mailman there is a Drupal module for integrating this in the website. or we can use a static page --عبد الرحيم 13:46, 27 أغسطس 2007 (PDT)


There hasn't been any vote since I'm with arabeyes (about 18 months). I'm not sure if it's still needed --عبد الرحيم 13:46, 27 أغسطس 2007 (PDT)



Gallery module integrates a Gallery in a drupal site. --عبد الرحيم 13:46, 27 أغسطس 2007 (PDT)



We need more integration with our own bug tracking system a well as external ones. For example, when I browse Gnome page at Arabeyes, I can find a link that allows me to submit bug against Arabic gnome translation, either to or according to settings set by project's maintainer. A way to list existing bugs related to that project is a good idea too. --خالد حسني 13:56, 12 سبتمبر 2007 (PDT)



New Features

Joining Arabeyes

The whole process of joining Arabeyes needs some unification and simplification, one needs to creat one account for every thing, main site, wiki, cvs/svn, and may be bug tracking as well. So, a new user comes, reads "join us" page, fills a form linked there and then has his acconut on. Then he can log in the wiki/whatever using the same account, when he wants to join a specific project he can fill a form linked in that projects page (which sends those info to the maintaner, who decides how to deal with it), when he needs a cvs account he can fill another form that sends the needed info to the maintainer and/or Arabeyes admins, using the same account name for cvs and the same password if possible. Looks like too many forms :) but a unified system id far better than what we've now.