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Translate is an IRC bot Afief created to be used on our IRC channel to allow fast queries to be made to the Technical Dictionary on the wiki. Translate currently can read the Technical Dictionary from the wiki but not write to it.


You have to go to our IRC channel #arabeyes on freenode network.

Then you can easily query it by writing its name and the term you want to find. i.e.:

<hydrated> Translate, Print
<Translate> hydrated, الاسم = طبع . 


Translate is GPL and the source code is available in here.

Translate is written in C. It compiles successfuly on linux . Not tested on windows.


git clone
cd technicaldictionary/translate

Now you have a binary called 'bot' in the current directory.


  • libwww
sudo apt-get install libwww0 libwww-dev build-essential


  • Remove more of the ugly C code and replace it with C++ that uses std::string
  • Make it write to the technical dictionary on the wiki.
    • details
    • details
  • Provide a link to the term on the wiki when using --url.
  • Provide a link when a term isn't found.