Sep 13, 2001: Linux Arabization Workshop Happenings

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Sep 13, 2001: Linux Arabization Workshop Happenings

Mohammed Eldosoky sent us a message about the results of the LAW 2001. Participants in the workshop decided to establish a web portal for Arabic Linux, featuring news about Arabization efforts, forums and a code repository. Although that seems to describe, we are not sure as to what that involves yet.

Dr. Ahmad Sharaf Eldin (Helwan University-Computer and Informatics College, Egypt) was assigned the task of developing a unified Arabization dictionary.

Cairo University will be in charge of organizing the next workshop, and will determine the dates.

Among the topic discussed were:

  • Ayman Hindam - Multi-Layer Arabization for Linux
  • Anas Tawileh -
    • Arabic language specials, and how to handle them when Arabizing Linux
    • The necessity to unify the standards and terms of Arabizing Linux, and founding a community to organize and implement those standards [about]
    • Unicode as a solution to Linux Arabization problems
  • Dr. Ashraf Salem - A native X-Windows based Arabic toolkit
  • Dr. Ahmad Sharaf Eldin - Linux Localization
  • Saudi Linux User Group - delievered a variety of presentations of their utilities (e.g. AlKatib) and their efforts in spreading Linux with educational and governmental institutes
  • Dr. Saleh Elshahaby and Ramy Hassan - NINJA (Ninja Is Not Just Arabization), a project for providing multi-lingual support to Linux
  • Dr. Ahmed Alolaimi - the MENA company and their Linux support in the region
  • Shehab Eldin Rabie - Reviewed their efforts in Arabization, Helwan University