Migration to GitLab

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We have recently finished moving Arabeyes self-hosted Git repositories to gitlab.com to reduce the load on the server.

Arabeyes repository groups can be browsed here.

There are five repostiory groups:

Users who had previous clones before January 10th may need to re-clone because user emails were added to the author history at that date.

Users who cloned after January 10th can update their clone to the right repository by using git remote.

For example, the following command changes the remote URL for the arabeyes-general/wiki repository:

git remote set-url origin https://gitlab.com/arabeyes-general/wiki.git

in case of password authentication over HTTPS, or

git remote set-url origin git@gitlab.com:arabeyes-general/wiki.git

in case of SSH key authentication.

Past Git and SVN users have been added with reporter privilege. Higher permissions can be requested on GitLab.


  • Redirect git.arabeyes.org to gitlab.com
  • Use different icons for the repositories
  • Add past users with proper privileges
  • Backup mirror
  • Uninstall GitLab instance

People involved