Jul 22, 2003: Arabeyes Evolution Party 2003

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Jul 22, 2003: Arabeyes Evolution Party 2003

Arabeyes.org took a major evolutionary step on July 29, 2001 when it mutated to its current final form. We, the volunteers, workers, Arabic language lovers and linux enthusiasts, would all like to invite you to celebrate this momentous occasion.

This year's celebrations will be conducted under a "Technical Roadmap" theme. If you've wanted to meet the team, thank someone for making your life more interesting or find out where Arabic Linux and Arabeyes is headed, then this event is for YOU.




Aug 21, 2003: ACE's Homecoming & New Feature

Arabeyes.org would like to revive a feature which it conceived and advocated by making ACE (Arabization Contributor and Evangelist) a regular quarterly feature (an interview article will be published every three months).

With that said and to kick-off this homecoming - it is our sincere pleasure to note that Mohammed Sameer is this Quarter's featured ACE. Do please read his interview (available in both Englishand Arabic) to get a better glimpse into a well grounded, very involved enthusiast and gentleman that the entire Arabic Linux/Open Source community has grown to depend on and whole heatedly appreciate.

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