Jul 02, 2002: Arabeyes Evolution Party!

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Jul 02, 2002: Arabeyes Evolution Party!

Arabeyes.org took a major evolutionary step on July 29, 2001 when it mutated to its current final form. We, the volunteers, workers, Arabic language lovers and linux enthusiasts, would all like to invite you to celebrate this momentous occasion.

If you have wanted to meet the team, thank someone for making your life easier, or even yell at someone for not doing enough, then this is your chance!

Server irc.openprojects.net


Jul 27, 2002: Katoob ver 0.1 Released

Arabeyes would like to announce the first release of Katoob version 0.1. Katoob is a small text editor for *NIX operating systems, based on the GTK+ library 2.0.


  • Arabic interface
  • Keyboard input selector
  • Support for the multiple Arabic encodings "Reading and Saving"

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