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هذه الصفحة موجودة بالعربية تحت عنوان جنوم

Gnomelogo.png This is a Gnome related article

Arabic Gnome

Gnome is a Graphical Environment for GNU/Linux operating system (and other *nix systems). It is one of the two most widely used and probably the most installed on default on Linux distributions, so getting it translated to Arabic is extremely important. Arabic is one of the most widely used languages, but, unfortunately, we often lag behind other Gnome Translation Teams, mainly because of lack of contributors. Many language teams, like French, Spanish and Portuguese are super fast at completing their translations, surely a beautiful language like Arabic deserves the best team :)


We are completing gnome 3.16 and the current round. Some more ideas are in the other subprojects section..

Please consider joining the Arabic translation team, it is a wonderful self-fulfilling experience. Abderrahim Kitouni is currently the maintainer, please contact him at or post a message to the doc mailing list (, we'll take you from there :)

Gnome applications that are not in the official gnome release are also to be translated. Click here for a short listing.

Try it

Gnome should come with the Arabic translation. If not, try to install the Arabic support files for your distribution.


Gnome screenshots

How can I contribute to Gnome Translation?

If you decide to contribute, you may start translating right away, have a quick look at the translation_help page, introduce yourself to the maintainer or the mailing list, you will be assigned a file. Translating a few files will slowly give you an idea of how we do our work, and hopefully will let you know the areas where we need improvement. If you have the necessary skills, you can start thinking of these subprojects and ideas. If you decide to embark on some task, please let the maintainer know to avoid redundancies.

Also, Gnome has a Localising GNOME Applications guide that is worth reading.

At any time, you will find helpful responses by asking at the doc mailing list, or ask the maintainer directly, so please don't despair if things seem confusing. It is also a very good idea to subscribe the doc mailing list.

The Team

  • Abdelmonam Kouka: very active from the ubuntume community.
  • Anas Husseini: Fast without compromising accuracy, Anas is a great translator who ensures that his files are very well translated and well above average accuracy. He completed gcompris, gimp-script-fu and gimp-tiny-fu in just under a week.
  • Djihed Afifi: Maintainer, he has the power of persuasion; don't come near him unless you can afford to work for him!!... though he is a very busy student; Djihed took the burden of maintaining the translation of the huge Gnome environment; he currently lives in London, studying computer science, without his enthusiasm Gnome's translation wouldn't have been completed.
  • Khaled Hosny: Quality Assurance Khabir, quick and passionate, this is the fast and furious of the translation world, beware! He manages Arabic QA efforts. (
  • Ahmad Farghal: Evolution Faresse(knight). Our beloved laywer, dedicated and
  • Youssef Chahibi: a young student from Morocco with a sharp mind. He initiated many of the translation reforms at Arabeyes.
  • Mohamed Magdy: this guy takes a few files, works in silence and surprises us back with them done. The team is proud to have him :)
  • Sohaib Afifi: He is the brother of guess who? he is rising to the throne and is threatening to revolt over maintainer!
  • Abou Manal: Passionate about the quality of his files, Abou Manal is our newest addition to the team.
  • Osama Khalid: Worked really hard on GIMP translations despite his business with administration at the Arabic Wikipedia.

Other GTK projects

The Gnome Project also includes many other applications which should to be translated. These include some of the best OSS applications out there. Feel free to Grab any of these :), some examples:

  • Rhythmbox: Music player. High priority.
  • The GIMP: the image editor.
  • Dia: Diagram editor.
  • GParted: Graphical Partition Editor. (done)
  • Gnumeric: spreadsheet application.
  • Hardware Monitor.
  • Planner: for planning projects.
  • Anjuta: Integrated Development Environment.
  • Beagle: fast search for your files. (done)
  • f-spot: Image viewer.
  • gftp: ftp client.
  • ghex: Hexadecimal editor.
  • gnome-torret: torret client.
  • straw: rss client.

And much more.

Gnome Translation todos/ideas/subprojects

This is not meant to be exhaustive, if you have an idea or would like to work on one of these you are more than welcome, please contact the maintainer.

  1. Official Gnome arabic page.
  2. Collect a list of application names and standardise their translation.
  3. Unified shortcuts.
  4. Update the plural form in all files and correct them.
  5. Arabic Gnome LiveCD: an Arabic LiveCD with Arabic gnome to demonstrate our work.
  6. Fix Bugs related to Arabic and Right-To-Left.
  7. Build debs and rpms for the various distributions.
  8. locale specific strings
  9. Quality Assurance
    1. Step 1 quality assurance (Khaled Hosny), underway.
    2. Step 2 quality assurance.

Gnome Status Messages

8 September 2006
10 November 2006 17 November 2006 10 November 2006
2 December 2006 16 December 2006 22 December 2006 27 December 2006



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