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Start date Sep 01, 2003
Maintainer Samy Al Bahra
Contributors No contributors
Status Inactive
Mailing list Develop
Version control

The Arabeyes FreeBSD ports project is a community-driven effort to provide better Arabic support for the FreeBSD operating system. By integrating an arabic category to the FreeBSD ports collection Arabic users will see Arabic support is not only there but is also easy to enable. From Arabic applications, to translations, to fonts, the functionality required for an Arabic-driven FreeBSD system is here.



No public todos.

History Log

(Nov 09, 2003)

The arabic category was added to the FreeBSD ports collection. An OpenOffice port has already been added and several repocopies of current ports are pending (the -fonts ports are already in other categories). Katoob has been committed there. Expect more to follow.

(Oct 03, 2003)

After some discussions with a leading member of the FreeBSD port management team, the conclusion was made that the arabic FreeBSD ports category will be created after the semi-ports freeze is lifted (meaning, after 4.9-RELEASE). In this case the ports included will be the ones found in CVS plus some KDE translations (koffice, kde).

In the mean time the arabic fonts have been added to the FreeBSD ports tree and may be found in the x11-fonts category. CVSup and enjoy :)
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