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Start date Feb 02, 2002
Maintainer Haydar Alkaduhimi :: Munzir Obeid :: Muhammad Alkarouri
Contributors No contributors
Status Inactive
Mailing list Develop
Version control

It has been every Arab linux/unix user's dream to have full and complete Arabic support in the various popular distributions out there. We are attempting to help all those that are working on Arabic distributions (or support thereof) and are attempting to provide them with whatever assistance we can which they require.

The following distributions (distros) are currently being Arabized and/or are being actively looked into to bring more proper Arabic support,


Please lend these projects a helping hand and bring more complete Arabic packages to fruition by getting engaged yourself.


  • If you are interested in working on Haydar Desktop Environment (hde), have a look at the TODO list.


  • The Standard for Arabic Inclusion and Support (SAIS) document repository



ID Due Date Priority State Assigned To Description


2003-05-22 Normal Done

Haydar Alkaduhimi

Changing hwm name to hde


2003-05-22 Normal Done

Haydar Alkaduhimi

Adding XPmenu


2003-06-29 Normal InProgress All Adding more classes to libhde


2003-06-29 Normal InProgress

Haydar Alkaduhimi

Finishing the main functions in HFM


2003-06-29 Normal InProgress All Completing programs in extra directory.


2003-06-29 High Done All Designing a new page for hde


2003-11-08 High Pending All check the Mandrake translation using duali


2003-11-20 High Done

Munzir Obeid

make a new tetex-latex-arab rpm for Mandrake 9.2


2003-12-01 Normal Pending

Munzir Obeid

Make rpm packages for duali and katoob


2003-12-15 Low Pending

Munzir Obeid

ARAMIX version 0.05


2003-12-30 Low Pending All Test Mandrake against silver cert

Contribute by choosing an unassigned todo ("Assigned To"=None) or a shared todo ("Assigned To"=All).

History Log

(Jun 13, 2004)

[OpenBugs] Munzir Taha designed an OpenBugs wiki page. This is a documentation of the open Arabic related bugs in the current generation of GNU/Linux software. It's meant to serve as a one-stop location to help people in the voting process. This document will be updated regularly to reflect a bleeding-edged situation. I hope you will devote some time to vote for these bugs. Also, feel free to edit the page but leave a comment regarding the change, please.

(Apr 07, 2004)

[HaydarLinux] Finished the hde English website pages as well as the Arabic ones.

(Nov 09, 2003)

[Mandrake] Munzir Obeid commits the latest version of the MAPS document. For different formats please view the documentation page.

(Aug 24, 2003)

The official launch of the distro project is now at doc/distro on CVS. Expect to find Conceptualizaton, Visualization, Framework, but of course a lot of work is looming in the horizon.

(Aug 19, 2003)

[RedHat] A standardized methodology to approach distro arabization is being worked out now. Expect the actual Redhat arabization action to start around 24 Aug (inshaa Allah). Prepare for volunteering :)

(Aug 18, 2003)

Muhammad Alkarouri and Munzir Obeid, this project's two newest maintainers, are now discussing a standardized means to gauge Arabic support on various distros (RedHat and Mandrake respectively).

(Jun 29, 2003)

[HaydarLinux] Imported the hde source, hwm became hde and I should change it now in hnotepad and hdeadmin which i will "In Sha2 Allah" import during this week.

(May 22, 2003)

[HaydarLinux] HWM name will changed to hde and some more packages will be added, such as hdeadmin

(Apr 06, 2003)

[HaydarLinux] Haydar Net has announced the first final release of Haydar Linux. You can download HaydarLinux 1.00 as soon as we get any mirror, please tell us if you can mirror us.

For more information, please read this [HaydarLinux forums]

(Nov 07, 2002)

[HaydarLinux] Haydar Net has announced the second beta release of Haydar Linux. You can download HaydarLinux beta2 on ftp.haydarlinux.org.

For more informatin, please read http://forum.haydarlinux.org/viewthread.php?tid=314

(Sep 06, 2002)

[HaydarLinux] HWM seems to be stable after the changes I made yesterday and today.

HaydarLinux now uses bugzilla for bug-reports at http://bugzilla.haydarlinux.org/

For more details read this post

(May 04, 2002)

[HaydarLinux] Haydar Net has announced the first beta release of Haydar Linux. This linux distribution is the first Arabic Linux that fully supports the Arabic language.

You can download HaydarLinux beta1 on ftp.haydarlinux.org.

(Mar 04, 2002)

[HaydarLinux] Haydar makes his first commits to the hwm and hnotepad.

(Feb 02, 2002)

Official project kick-off

Haydarlinux is working out "a project priority and action plan" which will be published upon completion.