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There are two types of CVS access: Anonymous (read-only access; open to all), and developers (read/write access;restricted).

To access the CVS server (known as 'pserver'), you will need to have an account (username and password). For the purpose of this document, we will assume your username is myaccount and password is rocks.

For anonymous access replace the username with anoncvs and password with anoncvs.

Requesting Accounts

CVS write access is not lightly given. You may want CVS access if you are:

  • Starting a new project
  • Contributing to an existing project

If you are requesting an account to start a new project, then your account will be approved once the Core Management Team has apporoved your project. However, if you are requesting an account to contribute to an existing project, then the coordinator of that particular project will have to approve your account creation first.

In order to request CVS write access on Arabeyes' CVS repository, you must file a bug-report via [1]. It is also expected that you have read this document and know exactly why you are needing CVS access.

Logging In

The first thing to do is to login! Here are some vital pieces of information you are going to need set your CVSROOT, like:

bash-2.04$ export

If you are using WinCVS then you will need to break it down to:

  • Authentication type - pserver
  • Username - myaccount
  • Host name -
  • CVSROOT - /home/arabeyes/cvs

Once you have your environment set, you can then login as follows:

bash-2.04$ cvs login

Enter your password when it prompts you for one. You are in!