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How does joining Arabeyes benefit you ? We offer the following in hopes of answering people's concerns.

Why should a volunteer and someone who's concerned about this effort help out ?

  • Arabic Community benefits - Your assistance and help in bringing Arabic to the Linux/Unix environment will bring you a great sense of satisfaction; for you are helping propel the Arabic language and culture into future generations of computer users. Seeing your work used by many Arab users across the globe will bring you an indescribable feeling of joy
  • Build your portfolio - High-School/College students will get the opportunity to have include something very valuable to their resume/CV and portfolio. Any work you accomplish under the Arabeyes umbrella can be stressed to future employers as proof of your ability to not only produce results, but most importantly, to work in a team.
  • Foster Responsibility - Arabeyes stresses the need to conduct all its projects in a professional manner in which schedules and upholding to predefined time-lines is paramount. Arabeyes will surround you in an atmosphere where one's word and actions are equated to one's responsibility and reputation.
  • Get challenged - Many of the projects Arabeyes hosts are challenging and will provide you with a chance to get immersed in solving complex issues. If you are always looking for something to push you to your limit and are looking for a challenge, Arabeyes is for you.
  • Gain Experience - As you use the tools provided by the Arabeyes project, you build a solid foundation in fast-paced global development. It will give you experience to carry on and use in your own projects/work.

Why should Universities work on Open Source Projects/Systems ?

  • Ensures continuity of projects
  • Provide extra experience to students when dealing with existing code; its been proven that 80% of "real-world" coding is for maintenance and upgrades rather than building from scratch
  • Provide students with all the needed development/test tools
  • Working on Open Source Software lowers the Cost of Ownership
  • Working on Open Source projects generates respect and garners a reputation

Why should Universities contribute to Arabization projects ?

  • Arabization projects need a continuous stream of developers to reach their goals
  • Working on projects that require altering/updating existing code will ensure students abilities to work on others' code (mimic real life experience)
  • Arabic language support in Linux/Unix systems is still in its early stages with ample room to make a difference
  • Arabeyes' efforts and code are freely available and could serve as an educational experience for issues related to Arabic Language computing
  • Arabization projects offer students study/research avenues

How do Universities Benefits ?

  • Ideas for future research
  • Personal Development
  • Case studies for teaching
  • More involved student projects
  • Improved global reputation
  • Enriching curriculum
  • Possibly enticing external funding of internal projects