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About: Akka is a tool for Arabizing Linux/Un*x consoles. Akka allows you to read and write in Arabic in your text console using any existing software without any change.
It originated in Acon which it heavily reworked, adding many features among which screen filters, perl configuration, enhanced console tools support or WYSIWYG monodirectional modes.
Acon having evolved into something very different and little being left of the original software, it was renamed as a tribute to the old city of Akka.
Start Date: Jan 16, 2001

Project deprecated - use Bicon


elzubeir :: chahine


nashif :: samy

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  • Bidi support
  • An Arabic Console HOWTO will come that relies heavily on Akka.





No public todos.

History Log

(Jan 25, 2004)

Akka development has stopped completely and is now directed toward BiCon.

(Feb 28, 2003)

A new re-write of Akka will begin by a 'coding marathon' with Samy Bahra and M. Elzubeir on March 5, 2003 14:00 UTC.

(Jan 01, 2003)

Samy commits more bugfixes and clean-ups for FreeBSD comnpatibility. For more information, you can read the ChangeLog.

Very close to releasing Akka 1.1

(Jul 01, 2002)

Samy Al Bahra committed the changes that were first reported in akka/38, akka/39 (arabugs).

Changes include bug-fixes, optimization, beautification (of code), and several other issues.

(Mar 26, 2002)

Akka 1.0 is finally here! Don't wait any longer ;)

Currently available in source and DEB packages. If you would like to add a package for your favorite distribution, post a message to the developer list.

Why use Akka and not Acon? Other than that Akka is Acon^2, it also supports BIDI! That, and many more features like Perl extensions and Arabic shaping, plus Squared Arabic,

(Jan 05, 2002)

Chahine announces an imminent pre-release of version 1.0.

At the source level, all what it left before the pre-release is made public is fixing endian related problems (this latest version has only been tested on GNU/Linux PPC) and cursor position computation in bidi approximation mode.

At the packaging level, Chahine will integrate the creation of RPMs as a part of the chonfigure/make process with the help of Osama Alassiry. who volunteered for it.

Note that at this date, the new tarball is not available yet for download, but is on CVS.

(Oct 18, 2001)

Chahine announces version 0.1a of Akka (pre-release).

Chahine asks for testers and feeback. Elzubeir and Summer Misherghi respond with common perl backward-compatibility problems.

Chahine posts a msg00005.html fix and updates CVS.

(Apr 16, 2001)

Chahine Hamila announces a snapshot of Akka.