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* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/arabeyes/files/Qutrub/qutrub-0.5.tar.gz/download Qutrub 0.5]
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/arabeyes/files/Qutrub/qutrub-0.5.tar.gz/download Qutrub 0.5]
* [https://git.arabeyes.org/arabeyes-dev/qutrub/web/qutrub/data/ar_verb_normalized.dict?view=co Triliteral verbs list (about 7889 verbs)]
* [https://gitlab.com/arabeyes-dev/qutrub/web/qutrub/data/ar_verb_normalized.dict?view=co Triliteral verbs list (about 7889 verbs)]
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No public todos.<br /><br />

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Description Qutrub is an Arabic verb conjugator.
Start date Jul 27, 2009
Maintainer طه زروقي
Contributors No contributors
Status Active
Mailing list Develop
Version control

The purpose of this project is to implement Arabic conjugation algorithms. It is a sister-project of the Arabic spell-checker Ayaspell, as it studies the behaviour of Arabic verbs in order to identify the verb lemma and its conjugated lexemes, allowing to search them and check their spelling.

Qutrub conjugates a verb with minimal input (Vocalized verb, present middle letter mark) in a generic way. It doesn't use classified models of verb conjugation. It detects the verb class and conjugates it in the appropriate form.

Qutrub offers many features:

  • Conjugation to past, present, imperative and passive voice.
  • Suggestion for trilateral verbs

The project is named after Arabic grammarian and lexicographist Abu Ali Muhammad ibn Al-Mustanir ibn Ahmad, known as Qutrub.

A web interface is provided under qutrub.arabeyes.org.


Qutrub is written in Python.


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History Log

(Aug 18, 2009)

Qutrub 0.5 released, featuring TeX export and coloured diacritics in the web interface.

(Jul 20, 2009)

Qutrub, an Arabic conjuguation project, initiated by Taha Zerrouki.