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[[User:Yousif‎|Mohammed Yousif]] and [[User:Ammer‎|Ammer Alsabbagh]] started on the Quran project. For more information, read this [http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2002/July/msg00076.html post].
[[User:Yousif‎|Mohammed Yousif]] and [[User:Ammer‎|Ammer Alsabbagh]] started on the Quran project. For more information, read this [http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2002/July/msg00076.html post].
The Holy Quran project was imported to [http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/projects/quran CVS].
The Holy Quran project was imported to [https://git.arabeyes.org/arabeyes-dev/quran CVS].
==See also==
==See also==

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Start date Jul 13, 2002
Maintainer Nabil Ben Khalifa :: Mohammad Damt
Contributors Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya :: Ammer Alsabbagh :: أسامة خياط :: Maher Ben Moussa :: Ahmed El-Helw
Status Inactive
Mailing list Develop
Version control

The Quran project is aimed to be a comprehensive tool to navigate through texts of the Quran, play readings of selected verses, as well as other features.

It should also cover multiple translations of the Quran.



  • libquran requires libexpat, libspeex and libogg.
  • qtquran requires qt-3.0.5 and libquran (libexpat, libspeex and libogg).


  • Zekr is an open platform for research and development on the Holy Quran.


  • A screenhsot of QtQuran 0.09 running with a complete othmany font here.
  • A screenshot of QtQuran 0.08 is available here.
  • A work-in-progress GUI possibility.



ID Due Date Priority State Assigned To Description


2004-04-14 High InProgress

Mohammed Yousif

Add missing symbols to quran.ar.xml


2004-04-14 Low Pending

Mohammed Yousif

Add support for loading/displaying books


2004-09-01 Normal Done

Mohammed Yousif

Use ALSA instead of OSS for QtQuran


2004-12-01 Normal Pending

Mohammed Yousif

Port the whole project to Qtopia/Zaurus

Contribute by choosing an unassigned todo ("Assigned To"=None) or a shared todo ("Assigned To"=All).

History Log

(Dec 29, 2005)

libquran 0.3 and QtQuran 0.1 have been released. Please see this post for details.

(Aug 20, 2005)

Omar Abo-Namous notes/verifies that Juzuu 1 and 20 are proper.

(Jul 23, 2005)

Meor Yahaya develops a fully ecompassing font for testing and Omar Abo-Namous generates the proper PDFs for verification and proof-reading. Volunteers needed !

(Mar 05, 2004)

A complete othmani font forked from Kacst-Qr font is now available under the name arabeyes-qr.
Get it from here.

(Dec 04, 2003)

Mohammed Yousif makes avaiable his KACST modified complete othmany font here

Update: This font is no longer available, see above.

(Nov 15, 2003)

A Java port done by Mr. Ahmed El-Helw has been imported to CVS under the name JQuran. Read all about it in this post and take a look at its screenshot.

(May 10, 2003)

All translation were removed pending inspection and source verfication. This is a rather complicated issue that is being actively looked into (for further detail, read this post).

(Dec 27, 2002)

gnomequran-0.2 has been released. It features speex audio playing (using libquran-0.2), font selection, multiple audio driver, and a read through capability. Multiple translations of Quran's text can be displayed simultaneously.

(Dec 07, 2002)

libquran 0.21 has been released, this fixes problems with autotools that was in the previous release.
QtQuran 0.041 has been release, this fixes problems with compiling in the previous release.
Otherwise, there is noting new fo both releases.

(Dec 06, 2002)

libquran version 0.2 has been released, it now uses libspeex to decode audio files rather than libVorbis.
QtQuran version 0.04 has released.

(Nov 04, 2002)

Mohammed Damt imported his 'gnomequran' application to the repository, which is based on Gnome libraries and headers.

The Qt application renamed to 'qtquran' and will be modified to use libquran and not to require xmlwrapp and libxml2.

The new 'libquran' will use ogg audio files.

For more information, please read this thread.

(Oct 26, 2002)

Mohammed Damt inquires about augmenting the project with a Gnome application in this post which results in a library suggestion (follow the thread).

(Aug 08, 2002)

Mohammed Yousif and Ammer Alsabbagh started on the Quran project. For more information, read this post.

The Holy Quran project was imported to CVS.

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