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This page is an archive since the information provided is not up to date. You are welcome to dust off the content. Do not hesitate to contact the previous authors for more information. The page is kept for now for historical purposes.


Description To fully translate manpages into Arabic.
Start date Nov 30, 2005
Maintainer خالد حسني
Status Inactive
Mailing list Doc
Version control


groff "manpage formatter" dosen't support Arabic and we need help in this, so the only mean to use the arabic manpages is to convert them to html by man2html. Links
English and other languages Manpages


Katoob's manpage

ID Due Date Priority State Assigned To Description


2005-12-06 Normal InProgress All Translate the manpage's disribution


2005-12-06 Normal Pending All Translate programes manpages

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History Log

(May 23, 2006)

khaled hosny announced the first collection of Arabic man pages, here

(Dec 02, 2005)

A thread is started on the need to support Arabic within groff.

(Nov 30, 2005)

خالد حسني posts his intent to manage and coordinate the manpage translation project. Project is officially started.