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  • 1 : a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language and their definitions
  • 2 a : the vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject
  • 2 b : the total stock of morphemes in a language
  • 3 : Repertoire, inventory



  • 1 : a dictionary, especially one for Arabic, Greek, Hebrew or Syriac.
  • 2 : the vocabulary of terms as used in a particular branch of knowledge
  • ...


The arabic word for it is مُعْجَم, rather than the general قامُوس.


Translating words and terms from English to Arabic individually is cumbersome: it's waseful in terms of resources and it opens the door wide to repetitions and mistranslation. A Better solution would be to translate terms collectively: collecting terms that relate to a particular subject by brainstorming and observation, thus forming lexicons, or probably more accuratly mini-lexicons. After making a lexicon, we could mass translate it, in other words, collectively translate the words by relating the meaning of each set to the most suitable counterparts, while observing small differences in the meaning of each word. This amongst various other techniques can help us to write more accurate and understandable translations.

Tools, More

There are tools that can aid us in brainstorming the terms, as well as hundreds of websites that.




Please see List of lexicons