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Description The Islamic Tools and Libraries (ITL) is a project to provide a plethora of useful Islamic tools and applications as well as a comprehensive feature-full Islam-centric library. The ITL project currently includes Hijri date, Muslim prayer times, and Qibla.
There is also Minbar, a Gnome GUI with tray icon, athan call and notifications at prayer times.
Start date Mar 19, 2003
Maintainer Thamer Mahmoud :: Nadim Shaikli :: Djihed Afifi
Contributors Ahmad Twaijry :: Ahmed El-Helw
Status Unknown
Mailing list Develop
Version control

The Prayertime code was created by Thamer Mahmoud.
The Hijri Umm Al-Qura calculation component was created by Fayez Alhargan.

Minbar Gnome prayer times was created by Djihed Afifi, with great help from Mohammed Adnène Trojette and Abderrahim Kitouni.

Visit site-1 or site-2 (among others) to determine your longitude and latitude.
KPrayertime (a KDE applet) uses the ITL library.
Minbar A Gnome GUI using ITL with athan call. Download the source tarballs from the link. Debian GNU/Linux packages are also available.




No public todos.

History Log

(Mar 19, 2009)

The latest releases of libitl and itools are now available. Thanks to all who contributed for this release.

(Dec 22, 2007)

Djihed Afifi would like to announce that Minbar 0.2 has been released. Check out the changes.

(Apr 27, 2007)

Ahmed El-Helw imports NamazTime (Namaz means Prayer in Farsi) as noted in this post.

(Dec 24, 2006)

Djihed Afifi notes the release of Minbar-0.1, an ITL-based Gnome prayer application/plugin. A Debian package should be forthcoming soon courtesy of Mohammed Adnène Trojette.

(Mar 19, 2005)

libitl-0.6.4 is now available for download. Also libitl and itools have just entered Debian's sid repository and now available as deb packages. Thanks to all who contributed for this release.

(Dec 28, 2004)

Thamer post some fixes and additions releases a new lib-0.6.3 version along with itools-0.6.1.

(Sep 12, 2004)

A critical bug that affects some 'Asr' calculations in certain parts of the world has been fixed prompting a lib-0.6.1 release

(Aug 19, 2004)

After a major restructuring along with added accuracy to the library, this project's next release version (lib-0.6.0 & itools-0.6.0) are now available.

(Jul 15, 2004)

The ITL CVS repository has been reorganized to make a clear distinction between library files/code and its application counterparts as noted in this post.

(Mar 30, 2004)

The first public release of this project is made - version 0.5 is now available.

(Jan 09, 2004)

Queries for comments & bug-reports goes out post completion of ipraytime, idate & ical (user apps) in a quest for a release in this thread

(Jan 02, 2004)

Nadim Shaikli makes a public call to artists to create an ITL project logo in this thread

(Dec 14, 2003)

Various plans are published on how to better improve and organize the hijri component of ITL in this thread

(Dec 03, 2003)

Ahmad Twaijri uploads his GUI work (AkemSalatk) based on the new prayertime lib/code.

(Dec 01, 2003)

Thamer Mahmoud's prayertime code is adopted as best implementation as discussed in this thread

(Oct 30, 2003)

Ahmad Twaijry replaces the pre-existing code with a newer, more accurate algorithm. A GUI is forth-coming he notes.

(Apr 01, 2003)

Project kickstarted!

Initial import of code done by Y.R.Rahal on behalf of Yousef AL-Harthi.