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About: This project's aim is to have Fedora totally localized to Arabic, so the user gets Arabic out of the box, starting with the installation menu.

We aim to have Fedora Core 3 fully localized in Arabic, i.e. to have 100% translated PO files. There's no schedule yet for FC3 release, but this goal is realistic.

Once total translation is done, we should work on Quality Assurance, based on QAC's recommendations and directives.

This project is suspended !
Start Date: Mar 12, 2004

89% done.

Coordinator: No maintainer
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History Log

(Jun 30, 2004)

Arabeyes forgoes Fedora Arabic Translation Project. This project is suspended effective today.

(Mar 12, 2004)

Youcef Rahal imports PO/POT Files to CVS. See this thread for details.

Help needed !