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Arabeyes would like to thank various individuals, companies and organizations which have directly or indirectly assisted in the shaping of Arabeyes' image and/or assisted in assuring Arabeyes' longterm survivability, growth and prosperity.

Arabeyes' managers, volunteers and users owe the donors listed an enormous level of gratitude. Thank you all for believing in Arabeyes, its mandate and its cause.

Sep 07, 2009: KuwaitNET offers a VPS
Arabeyes is delighted to accept KuwaitNET - Kuwait leading hosting company - offer of a virtual private server, thanks to Bashar Al-Abdulhadi, the company's founder, president and CEO.

Oct 06, 2003: Arabeyes Attains Free Hosting
Binary Environments, Vancouver's premier ISP, via Mr. John Batyka, its director of sales, has offered to host Arabeyes at no-cost until further notice.

Aug 08, 2003: Arabeyes Receives a Donated Server
Zajil Telecom's Mr. Khalifa Al-Soulah (at the behest of Mr. Ahmad Al-Rasheedan's asking) donated an IBM x305 (a 1u form-factor) server [datasheet] to be used at Arabeyes' discretion.

Nov 12, 2002: Arabeyes Gets a New Logo
Mr. Hassan Massoudy a world-renowned calligraphy artist donates one of his art pieces to be used as Arabeyes' logo.