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== How to translate? ==
== How to translate? ==
* Checkout the files:
* Checkout the files:
git clone https://git.arabeyes.org/arabeyes-i18n/wdmanagers.git
git clone https://gitlab.com/arabeyes-i18n/wdmanagers.git
*Choose a file, translate it, and then, push to the repository.
*Choose a file, translate it, and then, push to the repository.

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This page is an archive since the information provided is not up to date. You are welcome to dust off the content. Do not hesitate to contact the previous authors for more information. The page is kept for now for historical purposes.

هذه الصفحة موجودة بالعربية تحت عنوان إكسفس

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources.

How to translate?

  • Checkout the files:
git clone https://gitlab.com/arabeyes-i18n/wdmanagers.git
  • Choose a file, translate it, and then, push to the repository.


Translation status:


total      3938 
translated 1059 26.89 %


total      4166
translated 1557 37.37 %
untranslated 2368 62.63 %



  • Saleh Alhathal was working on Xfce translation but he is currently inactive. [1]
  • Translation on Arabeyes started on January 24 2007(24/1/2007) after syncing the CVS with the upstream SVN.
  • Repositories synced again 15/9/2007

Translation priorities

in a descending order:

  1. xfwm4 : Khaled Hosny (Done)
  2. xfdesktop : (Done)
  3. xfce4-panel :Ahmed Mansour (Done)
  4. xfce4-session :Ahmed Mansour (Done)
  5. xfce-mcs-manager:Ahmed Mansour (Done)
  6. xfcs-mcs-plugins
  7. libexo
  8. libxfcegui4 :
  9. libxfce4utils :
  10. thunar :
  11. xfce-utils
  12. terminal : Khaled Hosny (done)
  13. xfprint : Ahmad Farghal(aka Farghal) (Done)
  14. xfcalendar :
  15. xfce4-mixer :
  16. mousepad:(Done)
  17. xfmedia :
  18. xfce4-appfinder : (Done)
  19. xfce4-trigger-launcher
  20. xfce4-icon-theme: (Done)
  21. squeeze
  22. xarchiver
  23. xfburn



  • We are using إكسفس as a transliteration of "Xfce". there is no right or wrong.. we are all using it for the sake of consistency.
  • Always check your translation and make sure it compiles correctly (poEdit is very good, use it).
  • The official website for the translation of Xfce.