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* Are there any [http://bugs.arabeyes.org/ bugs/missing features] ?
* Are there any [http://bugs.arabeyes.org/ bugs/missing features] ?
* Are there any issues with the [http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/projects/qamoose current code] ?
* Are there any issues with the [https://git.arabeyes.org/arabeyes-i18n/qamoose current code] ?
<br />'''Links'''<br />
<br />'''Links'''<br />

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Start date Sep 01, 2001
Maintainer Nadim Shaikli
Contributors Mohammed Sameer :: Mohammed Yousif
Status Inactive
Mailing list Develop
Version control

QaMoose facilitates the access to an English/Arabic user-defined dictionary via web access using the DICT protocol. Its inception was meant to establish and retain consistent content to better assist Arabeyes' translators and technical writers (the dictionary content is envisioned to come from Arabeyes.org' Wordlist project). Notes


  • QaMoose running live
  • miniQ running live



No public todos.

History Log

(Mar 25, 2004)

A version 2.1 has been released featuring the the light-weight miniQ

(Oct 01, 2003)

Nadim releases QaMoose 2.0.

(Sep 10, 2003)

New development for version 2.0 gets kicked off as detailed in this post.

(Mar 12, 2003)

Nadim reinitiates and restarts QaMoose's development; plans for,

(Apr 16, 2002)

Nadim releases version 1.4 of QaMoose.

  • An Arabic virtual keyboard was added (javascript)
  • Charity note added to license file

(Jan 10, 2002)

Nadim releases version 1.3 of QaMoose.

  • UTF-8 input checks are now made on form and upload inputs
  • SuperAdmin now gets email notification upon user applications
  • MassResolve option added (single click action for all pending terms)

(Nov 14, 2001)

Nadim releases version 1.2 of QaMoose.

  • Admins can now upload new terms in bulk (ie. upload a file)

(Nov 01, 2001)

Nadim releases version 1.1 of QaMoose.

  • Fix security hole (null user, null password)
  • SuperAdmin now able to modify "rejection" email
  • Added package version number on main & admin pages

(Oct 22, 2001)

Nadim releases version 1.0 of QaMoose.
Mohammed Elzubeir includes QaMoose on Arabeyes' home page.

(Oct 19, 2001)

Nadim with the help of Isam and Mohammed Elzubeir coin this project's name "QaMoose" (as in the book and the animal :-)

Nadim adds further features, adds a README & TODO file.
Nadim notes "Public release and usage on Arabeyes _very_ soon".

(Oct 08, 2001)

Nadim announces beta release of new code (based on Mr. Sameer's initial work).
Nadim uploads code to Arabeyes' CVSweb and asks for code-review (regarding security).
Nadim notes that three individuals have tested code satisfactorily.

(Oct 01, 2001)

Mohammed Elzubeir asks Nadim to debug/complete Mr. Sameer's code.

(Sep 15, 2001)

Mohammed Elzubeir notes some query problems with Mr. Sameer's code.
Mohammed Sameer notes that its due to mySQL version differences.

(Sep 12, 2001)

Azzaddine Amjahed offers a PHP/mySQL solution and notes a URL link to his completed work.

(Sep 07, 2001)

Mohammed Sameer uploads his alpha non-released work to Arabeyes.org for further testing.

(Aug 31, 2001)

Mohammed Sameer takes-on the project and reaffirms which tools he has opted to use - Perl & mySQL.

(Aug 25, 2001)

Mohammed Elzubeir defines and puts forth project requirements.
A general call goes out soliciting help and participation.