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This is a list of all new people requesting help or offering to join the Arabeyes translation and development teams on Arabeyes mailing list. It is merely a list of them with info on their development and continuation. The info is already publicly available on the mailing lists.


  • Discovering what holds new comers from continuing with us.
  • Transforming the mere emotional idea of helping the arabic effort into a real desire to contribute.
  • Substianting what new members can do to help us.
  • Peer mentoring of new members.

Peer Mentoring

The idea is to assign a vet Arabeyes member to every new member. Focus is on helpfulness, friendliness and easiness of access to the mentee. Mentors have to be clever as to how to address their needs and how to motivate them. In the long term, a board of mentors may be setup.

The List

  • Name: name of new member.
  • Joined: The date the member sent an email to the mailing lists, with a link to the message.
  • Responder: The Arabeyes member who responded to that email.
  • Assigned: The mentor who was assigned to this person. Initially, it's all self assignment. Ideally, the mentor is also the responder.
  • Followup 1: The date, and preferably a link to an email of the first followup with the member, this is a mechanism to keep in touch with them.
  • Followup 2: The date, and preferably a link to an email of the second followup with the member.
  • Status: Active/Inactive or more info.
Name Joined Responder Mentor Assigned Followup 1 Followup 2 Status
Alexander Stein 3 Jul 2006 Youssef Chahibi ? ? yes ? active
Afief Halumi 8 Aug 2006 Youssef Chahibi ? ? yes ? ?
Marshel bin. Jackson(Abdullah) 11 Aug 2006 Youssef Chahibi ? ? yes ? ?
علي زباري 17 Aug 2006 Djihed Afifi ? ? yes ? ?
Azzaddine Amjahed 17 Aug 2006 Mohamed Magdy ? ? yes ? ?
Zeyad 02 Aug 2006 Djihed Afifi ? yes yes ? active
Moutaz Alkhateeb  ? ? ? ? ? ? active
Anmar Oueja  ? ? ? ? ? ? active

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