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Start date Jun 06, 2002
Maintainer Mohammed Sameer
Contributors Samy Al Bahra
Status Inactive
Mailing list Develop
Version control

Katoob is a light weight, multi lingual, BIDI-aware text editor based on the Gtk+ 2 library. It supports opening and saving files in multiple encodings. The main support was for Arabic language but more languages are currently supported.
It should run on most BSD and POSIX compliant operating systems.


  • If you are interested in working on Katoob, check the TODO list.




No public todos.

History Log

(Sep 05, 2006)

Katoob 0.5.1 has been rewritten in C++ using gtkmm.

(Aug 30, 2004)

Lots of improvements and bug fixes, Along with small new features and UI tweaks.

(Aug 26, 2003)

New stable release, This is a must try release. More details here.

(Jun 24, 2003)

Version ( This version should fix all the problems related to detecting aspell/pspell via the configure script, Added java, TeX, Ada to the automatically highlighted languages.

(Jun 23, 2003)

Katoob (pre 3.5) Has been released.
This version is the successor of all the previous development versions. Major rewrite was done,

  • The new code use the GObject model
  • Almost complete BiDi support
  • Spell checking using either aspell or pspell
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Multiple encodings support "for other languages"
  • The ability to generate Arabic postscript files using txtbdf2ps
  • Many many code cleanups to improve the overall performance and stability.

(Mar 18, 2003)

A new status report, What has been done, What's missing, General overview of the current code.

(Feb 11, 2003)

Katoob now has full BIDI support, An infrastructure that makes it easy to add more encodings. Release hindering TODOs in this post.

(Jan 19, 2003)

A new development release "20030119" introducing the full BiDi support, some optimization for the spell checker.

(Jan 18, 2003)

0.3.1, It's a bug fix release. Download

(Jan 02, 2003)

A new development release "20030102" Bug fixing & more i18n

(Dec 07, 2002)

A new development release "20021208" fixing more problems & adding new features, please have a look at the TODO file for current limitations.

(Nov 01, 2002)

A development release "01112002" to test the multiple encodings, Please revise ChangeLog & TODO

(Sep 25, 2002)

Slackware packages for version 0.3.0
Please read this post.

(Sep 13, 2002)

Katoob version 0.3.0 has been released.
This version offers several GUI enhancements and many bug fixes.
For more details, please read this post.
Both the source tgz and the binary RPM can be found here.

(Sep 03, 2002)

M.Sameer reports the Katoob status in this post.
Katoob also has a new logo now which can be seen on the project page

(Aug 16, 2002)

Katoob version 0.2.1 has been released.
This mainly a bug-fix release, with many fatal bugs fixed. For more details, please read this post.
Both the source tgz and the binary RPM can be found here.

(Aug 09, 2002)

Katoob version 0.2 [screenshot] has been released. This release offers many new features, The most important are:

  • The new recent documents menu
  • The ability to read from the standard input
  • The new prefrences dialog
Both the source tgz and the binary RPM can be found here.

(Jul 27, 2002)

Mohammed Sameer puts out Katoob's first release, ver 0.1
Currently available in both source (tgz) and binary (RPM). Download here.

(Apr 28, 2002)

Mohammed Sameer's Katoob source code imported to CVS.