I18n issues

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I18n issues:

  • Review essential.po
    • Short terms
    • Derivable terms
    • Only one equivalent for each term, if more should depend on the context explained.
    • No equivalent for two terms or more

See Technical Dictionary

  • Noun or Imperative form for computer actions
  • Abbreviations in Arabic
  • Spelling unification
    • Hamza forms (ex: مسؤول and مسؤول)
what's the difference? did you mean مسؤول and مسئول?--Abderrahim 06:35, 25 December 2006 (PST)
    • Alif al-wasl (ex: استعمال and إستعمال)
    • Use of diacritics (حركات) including shaddah
    • Writing the waw of conjunction (واو العطف), should it be attached like letter Ba'? (ex: ليل و نهار - ليل ونهار)
  • Grammar
    • Translation of nouns used as adjectives (ex: Source code, image file...)
    • Plural forms description, especially for more than 100. (Case of 101 books), see Plural Forms
    • Order of numbers written in letters
    • Unification of numbers
  • Possibility of video conference!