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CVS Passwords

Unfortunately, CVS does not have a built-in way to create or change passwords. That is why when you first register with Arabeyes, we use the same password you registered through the web for your CVS account.

However, once you change your web password, it no longer affects your CVS account password. In several instances people either forget or wish to change their CVS passwords.

Here is a simple Perl script that you may want to use, call it '':

srand (time());
my $randletter = "(int (rand (26)) + (int (rand (1) + .5) % 2 ? 65 : 97))";
my $salt = sprintf ("%c%c", eval $randletter, eval $randletter);
my $plaintext = shift;
my $crypttext = crypt ($plaintext, $salt);
print "${crypttext}\n";

And then run it as follows:

$ ./ "mypassword"

This will give you an encrypted version of your password. Email that to the CVS Administrator privately when it is requested from you.