Arabeyes Handbook

Author: Core Team

Version 0.1 $Revision: 1.6 $

Revision History
Revision 1.6elzubeir
Added details on conference invitations procedures
Revision 1.52004-12-08nadim
Added clarifications on required minimum vote count to get elected; Added clarifications on required minimum number of 'core' members; Reworded quorum requirement.
Revision 1.42004-10-06nadim
Added amendment information; Added CVS access granting outline; Added 6-month nominee, 12-month voter info (along with various changes); Fixed miscellaneous spelling/grammatical mistakes.
Revision 1.32004-09-29nadim
Major reorganization of document along with some textual fixes.
Revision 1.22004-09-28elzubeir
Fixed date of elections and clarified eligibility requirement.
Revision 1.12004-09-27elzubeir
XML version of document (consolidation of docs).


This document is meant to serve as a guide for Arabeyes.

Table of Contents

1. License
2. Procedural Definitions
2.1. Term Definitions
2.2. Ratification
2.3. Amendments
3. Identity
3.1. Definition
3.2. Aspirations and Ambitions
3.2.1. Vision/Aims
3.2.2. Misson/Goals
3.3. Arabeyes' Composition
4. Openness and Transparency
5. Standards and Promises
5.1. Arabeyes will remain 100% free
5.2. Arabeyes will give back to the free software community
5.3. Arabeyes will not hide problems
5.4. Arabeyes' priorities are its users/contributors and free software
6. Management
6.1. The 'Core' team
6.1.1. Definition
6.1.2. Meetings
6.1.3. Membership Loss
6.1.4. Duties and Responsibilities
6.1.5. Member Characteristics
6.1.6. Elections
6.2. The Sub-Project Maintainers
7. Member Conduct and Behavior
7.1. Conduct/Demeanor
7.2. Mailing Lists
7.3. External Assistance
8. Partnerships
8.1. The Basics
8.1.1. Arabeyes' NO compromise points
8.1.2. Arabeyes Offers
8.1.3. Arabeyes Requires
8.2. Manpower
8.2.1. Which project next
8.2.2. How will work proceed
8.2.3. Where the work will reside
8.2.4. Education and Backgrounding
8.2.5. Communication
8.2.6. Credit
9. Invitations
9.1. Selection of Representatives
10. Donations
10.1. Detached Donations
10.2. Attached Donations
10.3. Attached Donations to Individual(s)